About Us

Founded in 1991, Ocwen Financial Corporation services and originates mortgage loans. Our company has sought to lead the industry toward a more customer-oriented process that respects the interests and rights of homeowners, investors and regulators alike.


Independent third-party studies consistently show that we cure more loans and keep more borrowers current than anyone in the industry. Specific examples include achieving a pre-foreclosure resolution rate of 70% or higher and maintaining consistently best-in-class HAMP performance. Specific innovations or examples of industry leadership include:

  • Shared-appreciation loan modification model (SAM)
  • State-of-the-art, proprietary servicing technology
  • Use of behavioral science to guide customer interaction
  • Use of advanced optimization analytics and Net Present Value modeling


To strengthen the service we provide to our customers and better position our company for growth, Ocwen is focused on the following strategic initiatives:

  • Reducing delinquency rates and increasing non-foreclosure resolutions
  • Expanding our diversity and inclusion programs
  • Improving the company‚Äôs risk management, compliance, and corporate governance programs
  • Improving capital efficiency and utilization; achieving our internal earnings per share targets
  • Improving customer satisfaction