Caring In Action

We would like to share with you some of the personal stories of homeowners that Ocwen has recently helped.

Dexter F.

"Just would like to say that it’s been difficult for my family after Hurricane Harvey. Home wasn’t damaged much finances were lost due to the absence of work. Got a little behind on mortgage and of course fear set in. Came in and got a chance to talk and see my mortgage company Ocwen. They were so professional, kind and understanding to the situation and delivered my family from possible devastating news. They modified my loan with a cheaper payment. Stress relieved. Thank you Ocwen for truly being there for us not only in the time of need, but also in times before. You are the greatest. God bless the people and the company Ocwen. Thanks."

Ray N.

"I cannot thank your agent enough both for her patience and perseverance in finding a solution that avoided foreclosure with the property. She has been an invaluable asset in seeking reasonable options for many situations that are complex and difficult financial matters."


"We would like to bring to your attention the exemplary customer service we have received from your agent in your Loan Resolution Department. We have been very pleased with her prompt and courteous customer service. We appreciate your assistance with the transfer of files and look forward to continuing a successful relationship with your company."

Cynthia T.

"I cannot give enough thanks to two of your wonderful agents. [They] made the experience an easy one when I thought everything would come crashing down. Thank You!!!!"

Chris C.

"I was 7 months behind and felt there was no way I could save my home. I definitely didn’t have the money to catch up my account. I called Ocwen after hearing about modifications on TV. Not only was I able to keep my house, but Ocwen reduced my payment to an affordable amount, and now I am completely current on my mortgage. I’m glad I made the call."

Ruben G.

"I had the pleasure to have your representative help me with my account today. He helped make a potentially stressful situation end smoothly with great self-confidence. His professionalism impressed me and I felt it would be a disservice to not report this positive experience to you."

H. Carrizoza

"I panicked when I saw there was a sale scheduled in 3 weeks. I called all those numbers and places you see advertised to “Save Your Home” and “Stop Foreclosure”. They all said it was too late, the sale was scheduled and it takes at least 30 days to work out a plan. One was even charging $6,000 and could not guarantee they could stop it in time. I checked a recent statement from Ocwen and it had a number listed to call for help. I made the call, explained my situation and they were able to get a plan approved and out to me in 4 days. I signed the plan, sent it back, made the down payment and my sale was stopped the day before it was scheduled."

Heather D.

"My family and I would like to extend our deepest gratitude. Thank you for expeditiously coming to a favorable agreement regarding our new home on Galaxy. We sincerely appreciate that you took the time to personally work with Jim, our realtor...this is the best Christmas gift we could have received!"

Lara C.

"I want to highlight the truly excellent service I have received from Cindy L. in your Ombudsman office. We had a serious problem with our account. Cindy helped us get the problem fixed and then has worked tirelessly to get the credit reporting agencies to update their information correctly, which has been an extreme hassle and she has been cheerful and helpful throughout. She has gone above and beyond her duties to help us and if you have an employee appreciation award, I would like to nominate her for it."

Andrew H.

"Thank you for offering me and my family the opportunity to meet my mortgage obliations, maintain our home, and remain happily i our home, with a modification on our existing loan that was being serviced by Ocwen." "When I started working with [Ocwen representative] Valarie I still felt that Ocwen was just putting me through motions and I would never get a resolution to my mortgage obligation problem. I soon found out that I was wrong. While Valarie was being both professional and thorough, it soon became apparent that she cared, and wanted to help, as long as she could validate that my family did need the help and assistance. Valarie called me when she said she would, she explained to me why additional documents were required each time she asked for them, and eventually she came through with a modification agreement that will work for me and my family."