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Ocwen understands how important homeownership is to our customers and communities across America. We care for millions of mortgage customers every day, and have helped over 800,000 families stay in their homes. We help find real solutions that preserve homeownership and build stronger communities guided by a simple philosophy we call “Caring in Action.”

Caring For Homeowners

We are committed to helping each homeowner better afford and stay current on their mortgage loan. We care that our customers stay in their homes.

To date, we have granted over 800,000 sustainable loan modifications.


Caring For Communities

By participating in homeownership initiatives and partnerships to educate homeowners, we help keep neighborhoods and communities strong.

Learn more about our work to help communities.

Caring in Action

We gathered personal stories from people on the front lines of the housing crisis to show how Ocwen cares, and is helping homeowners across America stay in their homes.

View personal accounts of how “Caring in Action” is working.
  • Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

    Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

  • A Model for the Industry

    A Model for the Industry